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Student Orgs may have been founded by an UCR graduate, Nirmal Abeygunaratne, to give back to our beloved alma mater, but we sure do not want to stay just there! Currently our team is formed of fellow highlanders, near and far, from diverse backgrounds, who shared in the same beliefs, courage and passion to re-envision how students discover a new place to call home. However, we want to expand our family to other universities and we would like to start by partnering up with your student organization!


At our home campus we are progressing to become a student organization, yet we also want to aid other campuses in the meantime implementing our platform to meet their housing needs. Nirmal Abeygunaratne is a member of a Greek Fraternity and loves to get other student organizations, big and small, involved. If you are interested in forming a partnership with and your student organization do not be afraid to contact us. This partnership can be lucrative to your student organization.

Please contact us at and other methods of contact is on our “Contact Us” tab.



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