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No one man/woman has made it solely on their own. Others have paved the roads and built mechanisms that has assisted and continue to assist him/her and society. As Peter Parker's uncle in the epic movie Spider Man once said “with great power comes great responsibility”.


Past Events believes in social resposiblity, that individuals and corporations have a responsibility to give back to their community, nation, and humanity as a whole. Our team has and continues to volunteer their time and talents to their immediate and neighboring communities. Our family is comprised of both current and graduated college students. We believe that we can help the community by volunteering in small and large community and student run programs.


In the past few months had their entire team support Relay For Life. We raised hundreds of dollars in donations, amongst a team of thirteen students. On top of that we were proud to have at least one of our members continuously walk the track during the event, while several other members were their to cheer every participant that was walking. Our members were there for the continuous 24 hours, during the event. Also during the event we had several games that other participants could play to win prizes as they were walking around, and were provided snacks and water as well.


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We have and continue to participate/support the #itsonus campaign. The statistics of sexual assault on college campuses are shocking.


As well as provide snacks, and school supplies to college students that might have been in a rush for their midterms or finals that they forgot to grab them.


How you and your student organization can get involved


If you or your student organization wants to get involved in any of the community activities that will be having in the future please reach out to us.


Also if you or your student organization is having an philanthropy event please contact us to see how we might help.


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