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Our Mission

As a student, house-searching can be a time-consuming, frustrating, and nerve-racking experience. Factors such as cost and quality already make the endeavor brutal enough; but that you are legally bound to the property once you sign the dotted line only adds weight to the experience. Thankfully, our team of UC students understands your frustration!


Our mission is simple: to take away that guess work and the countless hours of searching for the perfect housing. At the same time, we empower students during their entire term of the lease by adding weight to their voices. From the beginning of your search to the end of your lease, you will have the support and backing of the RateStudentHousing team and the entire student body.


Your voice matters and we want to hear what you have to say.


With past reviews from fellow students, you can have an idea of how your experience might end, before you make that commitment. We give you the opportunity to be well informed and to inform others.


Our mission is also to help bridge the gap between the lease and the property owner.  Some irresponsible property owners care only about the bottom dollar and not the well being of the students renters. Many property owners or management companies will give you the “grand tour” and their complete attention until the lease is signed and the security check is chased, but when you need them they can never be found.


With your voice, you can shape the outcomes of incidences, safety issues, and so much more. The experiences that you encounter with the property owner will now be heard by future renters and shape the actions of the property owner. The voice of the student population, united as one, will shape the very interactions and outcomes between lessee and lessors.


Our promise is to be true to the students, to give a voice to the student renter that will be heard,  and to always do good by you.



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