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Q: This this platform FREE?

 A: Yes, and it will always remain free.


Q: Are the reviews Anonymous?

A: ALL reviews are completely anonymous. It will always remain anonymous.


Q: Where do I start?

A: Start by exploring the platform, see the features that is available. Then rate your current or past residence(s). Every rating is anonymous!


Q: What are some features of the “Student” profile.

A: 1) Review/Rate a Residence (only “Student” profiles can review a residence). 2) Search find a residence that you are interested in, and with a student profile you will have access to the “Residence Public Profile Page” (only students will have complete access). 3) Have access to maps, that provides information about the surrounding neighborhoods. 4) Have access to forums(s), “What's Happening”, “Housing Posts”, “Roommate Post”, & “For Sale”. All these forums are centralized to the university you want to be associated with. After selecting the university, the forums will activate. After which you can communicate with other students that have associated themselves with the same university.


Q: How do I rate/review my residence?

A: Click on “Review Residence” and then follow the prompts. Or you can search for the particular residence in our search engine, after finding it you can click on the residence to select it from the search results (which will take you to the “Residence Public Profile Page”) and then click on “Review This Residence”


Q: What are the ways to review a residence?

A: You can “review” a residence by using the rating system and by placing a comment that describes your experience(s).


Q: Are reviews/ratings every “pushed” down or taken off.



Q: What happens to my review?

A: It will be anonymously placed in the appropriate residence. It will be placed in chronological order. The most recent review will be place at the top. OUR PROMISE to you is that your review (no matter what is expressed) will never be “pushed” down.


Q: Who can place a review?

A: ONLY students. A review can only be placed by a user that has a student profile. When creating a student profile the user must verify they are a student by providing a .edu (student) email, this process will authenticate that the user is a student. Therefore, making all reviews and ratings done only by students.



Q: Who can see my reviews?

A: ALL students and “Property Managers” that have “Claimed” a particular residence can see the reviews. ALL Students can see reviews of any and all “Residences”. However, “Property Managers” can only see the reviews of residences that they have “Claimed”.


Q: What are the features of a “Property Manager” profile?

A: 1) Showcase your property, so that student renters can see your property.

2) Have an live pulse as to what students are saying about your property. ALL reviews are anonymous however you can gain valuable information as to what experiences that students are having.

3) Forums that allow you to connect with other Property managers that are around the university that you are near.

4) Have access to property values and the rental market.


Q: Why do I need to provide my phone number?

A: Integrity is our highest priority. We want to restrict bots (spammers, fake users, and ect) from creating profiles and after gaining access placing fake reviews. By having a double (email and SMS) verification process we can increase the integrity of the platform.

Also if user loses or forgets their password “Recover Password” can be done through the phone number.


Q: I recently requested to add my university and residence, when will my university show up as an option?

A: We will respond to that request immediately. Our goal is to have your university and residence on our system so that you can place more comments/reviews as well have the student body more informed.



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